Absolute Navetta 73 wins at Cannes


The Cannes Yachting Festival celebrates its 40th year this year and over 600 boats are exhibited on the water  and in the port areas.  The Absolute Navetta 73, the all new shiny flagship of the Absolute range was up against a lot of competition.

Navetta 73 leaves for Cannes

Navetta 73 leaves for Cannes

From the moment she left the factory,  it was clear she was something special.  Stylish Italian design with creativity and true innovation. Here she is:  All wrapped up and ready to go.

She’s heading for Cannes where they’ll take off the wrapper and put her in the water for the first time:

Take a look at her heading out for the first time: Let’s go

Thanks to TuttoBarche, we can even join in the sea trial: Sea trial

Cannes has a reputation for exacting standards.  The World’s top yachting journalists congregate there, looking for elegance, style and innovation. Being new and shiny with nice lines is simply not enough. There has a to be something different, something special, something nobody else has.

So how did she do?

Take a look for yourself:

Fancy a quick look inside courtesy of Yachting Magazine? Come on board

Power & Motoryacht  Magazine said the Navetta 73 was full of surprises.

First up in surprises was the Garmin and Glass Cockpit system.  See what journalist Jason Wood has to sayGarmin and Glass Cockpit

Other innovations they liked? Don’t worry about keeping hold of  your drink, just pop it down on the table and the magnets will take care of it: Magnetic glasses.

So Did she make waves?

She certainly did.  She’s a major hit with the press, public and even better, the judges.

The good news came that she’d been nominated for an award.

Then the ultimate reward for Absolute, the Navetta 73 is the winner of the 2017 prestigious award for Innovation.

most innovative cannes

Congratulations to the Absolute team.

And here she is at the end of a busy weekend…

Navetta 73

quietly  sliding away into the night.