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The stunning all-new Absolute Navetta 73 gives you everything you’d want from a 22m yacht and so much more.

Light, Space & Italian style – the all-new Navetta 73 unmistakeably a yacht from the Absolute stable. The beautifully appointed decks, the spacious interiors, with picturesque views from every window.  The award-winning design concept leads the way in this incredible new yacht, it is, without doubt, the new benchmark for her class.

The test: Absolute Navetta 73

Absolute Yachts have a new flagship, the Navetta 73, and she’s the first boat to introduce the 1,000-horsepower Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines.

See what our test revealed about her.

When I first laid eyes on the Absolute Navetta 73 at the Cannes Yachting Festival, one would think I was seeing her just the way any builder would want its boat to be seen: best foot forward for the show and all that. But in all honesty, my first view of the boat was on a sea trial before the show even opened .

I was there to test the Absolute 58 Fly, and as I was waiting for that sea trial to begin, I had a chance to watch the Navetta 73 in action. Leaving a crowded festival dock is always a bit exciting—such activity can’t happen at most U.S. boat shows. As the Absolute team scurried about to prepare the 58 Fly to depart, I rested my gaze on the Navetta 73 as her crew freed the surly bonds of her lines and she gently pulled away under the watchful eye of her skipper, his hand resting lightly on the Volvo Penta IPS joystick.

THE NEXT MORNING, I joined a large complement, including some dealers, a few representatives from the boating press, a couple of Volvo Penta executives, the requisite Absolute Yachts marketing personnel, and even a possible buyer.

Before we left the dock, I recall thinking that the flybridge had clinched the Navetta 73 as a large yacht. Not one that merely had pretensions to the label, mind you, but one that actually acceded to the mantle on her own merits. My reasoning was just this simple: No matter how much room there is on the rest of the boat, the amount of deck space on the flybridge makes it “large.” There are no fewer than four discrete seating areas—including the helm with companion lounge forward; a large settee with dining table, loose chairs and an al fresco galley beneath a sunroof-equipped hardtop; a lounging space with a sofa and a couple of easy chairs; and a pair of sunloungers all the way aft.

When I spoke to Cesare Mastroianni, president of Absolute of Americas, Inc., a U.S. corporation wholly owned by Absolute Yachts to administer its business here, he told me the Navetta 73 holds true to the company’s plan to offer value. “We have the slogan that says, ‘More value for your money,’ and this is intended to extend to the full range of Absolute Yachts,” he said. “We want to give more to those who would like to invest money in yachting, and would like to extend their ability to cruise most of the year, and their ability to invite more guests aboard, and have more comfort compared to what yachts offer so far. We realized the possibility of having larger dimensions without increasing the budget would be appreciated.” He cites the example of the 73 with its 72-foot 10-inch LOA, which he says provides the same level of comfort found in boats larger than 80 feet.

By Jason Wood of Power & Motor Yacht.


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