Agilis 355

Design your own Agilis Jet Tender.

Agilis boat builders make it their goal to craft flawless jet tenders, Agilis places handling and safety the cornerstone of its values; this concept is fully reflected in the new model 355. Engineered to the highest standards, the 355 makes you free to do whatever you like. Whether you’re at the helm enjoying a long cruise, carrying your crew ashore for lunch or wakeboarding around the bay.

The expertly designed hull contributes to the leading Jet tenders stability at both slow and high speeds and significantly improves offshore performance. The tubes are made of ORCA engineered fabrics, which are very highly regarded in the marine industry for their reliability, strength & resilience even in the worst conditions.

A centrally mounted 142 Hp naturally aspirated Rotax 1503 engine provides outstanding top performance, balance, and fuel efficiency with a closed loop cooling system it uses coolant to keep the engine running at the ideal temperature, much like a car’s radiator. This prevents corrosive saltwater from entering the engine and precludes the need to flush the cooling system at the end of every day.

Operating electronically, engine’s intelligent throttle system (ITC) starts you in neutral for easy dockside embarking. It also features activi­ty-specific Touring, Sport, ECO and Ski modes that can all be set to accommodate your riding style. The result is a very responsive, more intuitive ride.

The jet propulsion system with stainless steel impeller delivers surgically precise maneuverability, top-level acceleration, high top speed with less cavitation.

The variable trim system (VTS) allows the driver to adjust the watercraft’s trim. When you trim up, you’ll have a drier ride, which increases comfort level when towing. When you trim down, you can ride more aggressively while staying glued to the water.

The intelligent brake and reverse system (IBR) allows you to quickly and easily switch between forward and reverse, stop much sooner and in combination with off-throttle assisted steering (O.T.A.S.) results in greater close-quarter maneuverability and easy docking. 

Your safety onboard Agilis 355 is backed by clear and functional instrumentation and digital dashboard, parallel power system that includes automatic power switch and optional second battery. Also, at the request of the owner, 355 is equipped with automatic gas fire extinguishing system.

The colour scheme of tubes, upholstery and fibre glass topside are easy to customise to your own special taste. The layout and type of teak finish are also optional to customise to your own design.

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